Never ridden a Motorcycle before? Why not try our Taster session!

Meet our friendly, qualified instructors who will guide you through your first taste of motorcycling on our large on-site area, ideal to kick start your riding or boost your confidence before booking a CBT course.

Taster sessions are just £50, We do require you to be able to ride a push bike as an essential skill prior to attending this or further courses.
To book, simply call us on 01782 595000 or use the ‘Courses’ menu above to see our online booking page.

If you’re ready to book a full course, take a look at the options below:









CBT is a training course to help riders achieve a safe standard in riding a Motorcycle / Scooter out on the public highway. Whether your intentions are to gain a full licence or just to get you legally on the road, this course is the foundation for starting your Motorcycling career.

CBT consists of five elements, which contain both theory and practical training. Your Trainer will assess your knowledge, understanding and practical abilities as you progress through the first four elements. Click here to read more.



The Module one test is conducted on a large off-road Manoeuvring area, and includes a series of eleven exercises to assess the trainees machine handling abilities. The test takes around ten minutes to complete. Click here to read more.

Module 2

This is the practical on road pursuit test and it consists of an eye sight test, motorcycle safety and balance questions, followed by your on road riding, covering a variety of road and traffic conditions. Out on the road you will be asked to select safe and convenient places for normal stops, assessed on moving away safely this could be on a gradient and from behind a parked vehicle. Click here to read more.

Bryans Post test training – Refresher and Advanced training.

Whether you are new to riding or returning to motorcycling, regularly ride and want to improve your confidence and technique or take it to the next level and become an advanced rider. We have the course for you. These courses are designed to better equip you with specific skills such as machine control, road positioning and overtaking so that you can fully enjoy riding on today’s roads safely and smoothly.

Bike Skills Academy

This course is both practical and physical, requiring concentration and focus. Increasing your confidence to muscle your bike in a typical low speed environment, with braking and avoidance skills which will quicken your reactions on road.