Theory Test: Going through to gain a restricted or full licence requires you to take a Motorcycle theory test.

This consists of two parts, which are taken together. It has been devised to test your knowledge of riding theory, in particular the rules of the road and best riding practice.

Part 1 contains a series of 50 multiple choice questions and lasts 57minutes. Five of the questions are presented in a case study scenario. The subject of the scenario focuses on real life examples and experiences that riders might encounter on the road.

Part 2 of the theory test is called the hazard perception test and involves responding to a series of film clips containing one or more developing hazards. This part of the test lasts about 20 minutes, during which time you will be shown 14 video film clips, containing 15 hazards.

You will need to pass both parts in one sitting to pass your theory test, if you fail one of the parts, you will need to take the whole test again. Your theory test pass certificate is valid for two years.

To book your theory test, simply go to or Telephone 0300 200 1122. The test cost is just £23, you will need your driving licence and credit/debit card in order to make the booking.

You can find helpful publications and practice materials for the test here

We’d recommend reviewing ‘The Official DVSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists’ and ‘The Official DVSA Guide to Riding – The Essential Skills’.  Available from the link above or other major book stores.