AM Moped Licence: This option is open to everyone from 16 years upwards.

Once this test is passed then you are licenced to ride max 50cc moped. A moped must have an engine capacity of up to 50cc and not weigh more than 250kg.

If it was registered after August 1977 its maximum design speed cannot exceed 50km/h(approx 32 mph)  Mopeds built after june 2003 are restricted to 45km/h (28mph)

If you passed your car test prior to 1st Feb 2001, you have a valid Moped (Cat P only ) licence.  If you passed your test after this date, you will need to take a CBT course; your CBT certificate will be valid for the life of your licence for mopeds only. 

As from 19th January 2013 this moped category will change from P to AM and the requirements will be as follows:-

EU third directive - Rules for mopeds to be used on test: from 19th January 2013

Category and moped to be used on test:

AM – two-wheeled machine with:
– cubic capacity of 50xx or less
– maximum design speed not exceeding 45 km/h (28mph)

Minimum age: 16

Category access requirements: CBT, theory & practical test