Direct Access (age 24+): Direct Access option is open to anyone 21 years old to 24 yrs as part of progressive access.

From 24 yrs old it requires the test to be taken on a minimum of 595cc (min 50kw, min 180kg curb weight) giving an unrestriced licence when passed, allowing you to ride any size bike immediately. As with the A2 licence training, you must be accompanied at all times by a direct access Instructor on another motorcycle, be in communication with the Instructor and be wearing fluorescent or reflective clothing with the school details and have passed both Module 1 and 2 to gain this licence.

EU third directive - motorcycles to be used on test: from 19th January 2013

Category and moped or motorcycle to be used on test:

A – Motorcycle without a sidecar

Minimum age: 21

Category access requirements:

(Progressive Access) must have held an A2 for a minimum of two years: take either a practical test or * training option

Category and moped or motorcycle to be used on test:

A – As above

Minimum age: 24

Category access requirements:

Hold a valid CBT and theory test certificate and practical test

Motorcycle candidates must always have a valid theory test certificate before taking their first practical motorcycle test. Unless they take the progressive access route.

Direct Access includes 2 tests – Find out more about Module 1 / Module 2 here.