Module 1

Module 1: Eleven excercises assessing machine handling abilities.

The Module one test is conducted on a large off-road Manoeuvring area, and includes a series of eleven exercises to assess the trainees machine handling abilities.

The test takes around ten minutes to complete.

Our Trainers will help you to acquire the skills necessary to achieve this test within your structured training sessions. The amount of training will depend on the individuals ability. Bryans are one of a few training schools in the uk that can offer you full size facilities for Module one training on a daily basis. (without incurring additional costs).

Its very important that you are fully famiiarised with the test circuit layouts and confident in the handling of your Motorcycle prior to attempting this test.

Mod 1 Circuits

1 Stands & Manual Handling
2 Slalom
3 Figure of Eight
4 Slow Ride
5 U-turn
6 Cornering
7 Controlled Stop
8 30 km/h /19 mph circuit ride **
9 50 km/h 32mph emergency brake**
10 30 km/h / 19 mph circut ride**
11 50 km/h / 32 mph avoidance**

**MOPEDS – For all mopeds speed requirements are 30km/h 19 mph